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The Unintentional FORD Page

If you are not salivating, your "Hardcore Racer" credential has been revoked. OK, it doesn't have the razor sharp look of the original, but the basic shape is so ingrained into the middle age brain that they should spend very little time on the showroom floor.

Not just a one-piece rear body section, but with a power opener "to boot". A real crowd pleaser.

Thank goodness there's something worthy under the hood. A supercharged 5.4L DOHC produces 500HP. Best of all, it's in the right place, so all that motivation goes straight to acceleration, not tire smoke. A masterpiece, well executed. A true testament to the original designers that it is so attractive a generation after its debut.

Marketing rant: I expect this car to be tractable, but impractical. Ford has done absolutely the right thing by bringing this to market so people will forget about Explorer rollovers. It is a very good thing that this will be in our world, although not accessible to most working stiffs such as this writer. Will the benefit to Ford's image be significant? No doubt about it. And enduring? Not sure. Would GM have made this bold stroke? Historically, no. Someday, maybe.

Thank goodness Ford supports our speed habit. They just announced that they will be CART sponsors (along with Bridgestone) in 2003, perhaps saving that series from oblivion. This Saleen Thunderbird showed no signs of any work by Saleen. Hey, Ford, Open the Hood!

Things that make you go "hmmm". Truck in back. Chassis in front. What's the connection? Look carefully now. Well, they both have the same exhaust tips. Oh my God, this chassis is for that truck! Really cool, but where are you goin' with this, Ford?

Eveyone's getting into the act. Here's Sony's Xplod (that's a long "o", not short). I think there's more power in the back than in the front. Thanks to Sony for keeping our nation's hard-working Focus customizers busy.

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