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This is as normal as a lime green flamed truck gets. Very clean.

Now this is a serious import drag car. Twin turbo V8, rear wheel drive. Ooops! NHRA just canceled your class. Nice car, though. See ya later.

We've all seen street rods. Maybe even a few with EFI, like this one. Have you seen one with an air suspension? Didn't think so. This baby can park in the weeds, then get up and go home, just like a Citroen SM. Well, kinda. When the SM was down, it looked like a beached whale. Slammed street rod, way cool.

This is a close-up of the engine from the street rod above, whose name must be "32B-Low" (no jokes about bra sizes, now). Keeps the traditional look while being quite modern. Kudos to the creator for a well thought out masterpiece.

Does a new Lambo make your heart go pitter-patter? Most people only read about the cars we get to see and touch at SEMA.
Engine: 6.2L V12
Power: 571HP at 7500 screamin' RPM
Drivetrain: 6-sp with 4WD
Mileage: 9 city, 13 highway (at 55 MPH, if the speedo goes that low)
Price: $273,000 (a measly $5697/month, no zero interest here)

This is a pretty average import these days. Pistons in front, woofers in back. The LCD screen in the decklid is a nice touch. If you want to see this setup, plus a fish tank, check out the Tokyo Auto Salon pages.

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