Ryann at Tiny Town

Dennis and JC visited Jimi & Joyce & Ryann after the birth of Raistlin. While we were there, we took Ryann to Tiny Town to see the TINY sights and ride the tiny train. The engineer said that Raist was the youngest passeanger he had ever had (four days old). Best of all, everyone got Ice Cream!

Ryann at Tiny Town Ryann on the Tiny Train Ryann wears ice cream

Ryann's Big Trip to San Francisco

At four months, the family reunited for the sentencing hearing of the man charged with killing
Deb Hyde, Ryann's grandmother. The judge's sentence of home detention was withdrawn and
he will start serving 9 months in jail (out in 6 with good time) on February 1, 2000.
Apart from that unpleasantness, the trip was delightful, with trips to San Jose, Sausalito and Mill
Valley. Shown below are the happy parents (and bewildered child), Grandpa JC (with sleeping
child), and Great Aunt/Uncle Sue and David Maccarino. Great Aunt Gail Hyde also provided
moral support and camera.

Ryann's Trip to San Francisco at 4 months

Ryann Deborah Heinz at 12 weeks

At Birth
Ryann Deborah Heinz, 19 hours old

Born: 12:18 A.M. June 8, 1999 (Due Date: June 2, 1999)

Born to: Jimi and Joyce Heinz.

Grandparents: John and Elaine Torp (Joyce), Brian Heinz/J. C. Hyde and Guardian Angel Deb Hyde (Jimi)

Attending Uncle: Dennis Uriarte

Vital Statistics: 8 lbs 13 oz, 19½" long, blue eyes, brown hair

At 4 months: 14 lbs 10 oz, 24½", still a blob, can't roll over

At 6 months: 16 lbs 3 oz, 25", starting to roll over and attempting to crawl

Status: Adorable. Mother and child resting well.

The happy/tired parents w/child

The happy, but tired parents

Proud Grandparents: Elaine Torp & J. C. Hyde

The attending grandparents, Elaine Torp and J. C. Hyde

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